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Gear Genius was founded by Lance and Derick. Two guys with a passion for improving lives. We began as a general store, selling everything from wine accessories to cat toys. We thought, "if we have a lot of different products that people want, we will surely have a lot of business." This couldn't have been further from the truth. How can we sell something we care little about? 

Instead of a general store, we decided to focus on one thing we both love: physical fitness. All of a sudden, the site was more cohesive and sales started trickling in. But, the physical fitness niche wasn't specific enough. Our site still lacked direction and relevance. So we got to thinking...there are so many ways to train. Which one should we focus on? Most training routines have their strengths and weaknesses, what is a common weakness among them?

Then, the proverbial light bulb went off! Hands and Feet. Grip and foundation. Your extremities. Nobody focuses enough on optimizing the functionality of their hands and feet. Why? Why not train the only thing usually connecting us to the activity we are working so hard to improve? Every activity begins and ends with hands and feet, and we soon realized this niche relates to everything people want out of life! With healthier extremities, anything you do physically will be done healthier, longer, stronger, and happier. 

Gear Genius is striving to be the leading extremity training retail brand. Our collections are organized based on activities and goals. Check out the main menu, select something you're interested in and see what we can offer you. As a personal trainer, 15-year fitness enthusiast, and having rehabbed many injuries relating to weak points in my extremities, I am confident the information you find in and the products you buy from our site will serve you well, guaranteed. 

No matter what activity you're trying to develop, Gear Genius will help you develop better with our products that train your most valuable assets: hands and feet. 



Co-Founder and Director of Marketing

Gear Genius, LLC